Thank You and Schedule

I huge thank you to everyone for coming to conferences last week! We had 100% participation! I know many of you had to change work schedules, juggle kids, and rearrange to be there, and we so appreciate it Nothing beats a face-to-face talk. YOur children are each gifts to us!

With the schedule goin back to normal, I wanted to let you know what "normal" is as it has changed a bit since the beginning of the semester. The students have been doing this schedule for about a month, but coming off the conference week, I wanted to give you a refresher.

7:50 Bell rings. After that, we have to send your students to the Office for a Tardy slip. This includes coming from Breakfast Thank you for seeing to it that they're on time!

8-8:30 Town Hall Meeting and Brain Break
8:30-9:30: Reading
9:30-10 Grammar/Writing
9:50 Snack
10:00-10:45 Specials
10:50-11:09 Science/Social Studies
11:09-11:29 Recess!
11:29-11:59 Lunch
12-12:30 Finish Science/Social  Studies/Library Time
12:30-1:50 Math
1:50 Free Time for Panther Pause rewards
2:10 Pack up and prepare for Dismissal


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