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Snuggle Up to Reading!

Thursday, November 2 is our annual favorite....Reading Night! This year's theme is "Snuggle Up to Reading". Come in your PJs, enjoy some games, some theater, and other reading fun! Want help knowing how to read with your child? This night's for you!

When: November 2nd at 6 PM, following the PTA Meeting

Hope to see you there!

Thank You and Schedule

I huge thank you to everyone for coming to conferences last week! We had 100% participation! I know many of you had to change work schedules, juggle kids, and rearrange to be there, and we so appreciate it Nothing beats a face-to-face talk. YOur children are each gifts to us!

With the schedule goin back to normal, I wanted to let you know what "normal" is as it has changed a bit since the beginning of the semester. The students have been doing this schedule for about a month, but coming off the conference week, I wanted to give you a refresher.

7:50 Bell rings. After that, we have to send your students to the Office for a Tardy slip. This includes coming from Breakfast Thank you for seeing to it that they're on time!

8-8:30 Town Hall Meeting and Brain Break
8:30-9:30: Reading
9:30-10 Grammar/Writing
9:50 Snack
10:00-10:45 Specials
10:50-11:09 Science/Social Studies
11:09-11:29 Recess!
11:29-11:59 Lunch
12-12:30 Finish Science/Social  Studies/Library Time
12:30-1:50 Math

Rows and Columns

Second Quarter is upon us! What does that mean in Math? Oh yes, multiplication! The kids have been excited, nervous,  eager, and engaged!
One of the critical parts about these early stages of multiplication is the vocabulary. Students need to understand the language and concepts of what it is they are doing in multiplication.
You can reinforce the vocabulary at home and when you're out and about with your family!
array: items arranged in rows and columns. You can make arrays with objects, cookies, have them make arrays, it can be fun!
Rows and columns can be very challenging to grasp. We teach it like a movie theater. You have to go into a row before you can choose a column. Also point out buildings that have long columns in their structure. This will reinforce the visual of arrays they will be making all year. Rows first.
Equal groups: an equal number of objects arranged in a given number of groups. YOu can use fruit, veggies, candies, and put them in equal groups in cups!