Welcome to THIRD GRADE!

Welcome Parents and Families!My  name is Alison Loyd and I am the Special Education teacher serving 3rd Grade in Ms. Stegall's class! I may be a Special Education teacher, but I truly feel as if ALL the kids are my kids!

This is my third year at Sedalia Park and my sixth year teaching! I'm thrilled to spend the day in Ms. Stegall's room, working with her and your students!

I teach because I am an overcomer. I had a prenatal stroke that resulted in a weak left side. In addition, I have low vision. I share this with you because I believe it makes me a better teacher. I believe it inspires others to see what I've accomplished despite my limits. My purpose is to inspire those struggling with limits to endure and overcome through the expression of my story. 

I'm looking forwarad to a great year! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Alison Loyd


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